April 17th, 2017


Корехидор. Береговая оборона

А в конце как всегда птички и бабочки... Проклятые пацифисты.
Оригинал взят у ironpaw в Ruins of Fortifications on Corregidor Island, Philippines
Took a short trip to the Philippines almost a year ago and entirely forgot to post about it!
While there we took a day trip out to the WWII ruins on the heavily fortified island of Corregidor at the entrance to Manila bay, off the Bataan peninsula.
For those unfamiliar, Corregidor was the headquarters of the Allied resistance under Gen. Douglas MacArthur against the Japanese invasion of the Philippines. The Japanese laid siege to and eventually captured the island on May 6, 1942, but not before MacArthur had evacuated and famously stated "I came out of Bataan and I shall return".
The island was then later RETAKEN by allied forces on 26 Feb 1945, following another long and bloody battle. After the battle, the island was pretty much left in ruin "as is" and eventually turned into a historical monument.

Many bandwidth intensive photographs are located behind the cut, please enjoy!

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